Spiritual Living Commission

Commission Head: Susan Cass
Pastor's Representative: Fr. Ken Sedlak, S.Ss.R.

The Spiritual Living Commission offers programs that nurture spirituality, including religious education for children and adults, Bible study, and young adult enrichment.  The Commission strives to assist all in their desire for meaning, purpose, and community built on the foundation of God’s unconditional love.

Ministries include: Adult Confirmation, Religious Education, RCIA, Catholics Come Home, Pathways/Stillpoint, Living the Questions, Bible Scripture Study.

Spiritual Companioning Ministry

Are you:
· on a conscious spiritual journey and ready for deeper discovery?
· looking for greater purpose and meaning in life?
· have questions of the heart or soul you would like to explore?

If so, you are invited to experience the art of Spiritual Companioning. Spiritual Companioning, also known as Spiritual Direction, is an ancient tradition of discernment and discovery. The purpose of Spiritual Companioning is to nurture the inner life and connection to the Divine within the context of everyday life, inviting a deeper understanding of ourselves. Many people find a greater sense of peace, freedom, and wholeness through this experience.

Spiritual Companions are certified, trained and experienced in the art of deep listening. It is a sacred, safe, non-judgmental and confidential environment. If you are interested in exploring one-to-one companionship, you are invited to contact Juliet Beriou at jberiou@gmail.com or Susan Cass at susanpanniercass@gmail.com or www.sacredsoulfood.com. Susan also offers workshops and small group companionship.