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By: Fr. Brian Johnson, C.Ss.R.
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Monday, September 14th
Today, the Church celebrates "The Exaltation of the Holy Cross."  It seems a rather strange Feast.   After all, the cross was not an instrument in peoples' lives that brought exaltation and gladness.  No, it always brought sorrow, humiliation, and great shame.  Yet we as Christians are called to look beyond all that shame and disgrace and see that Jesus' death on that cross ended up transforming it into an instrument of salvation.  Today is the opposite of Good Friday, if you will.  On Good Friday, we remember the pain and death that the cross brought to Jesus.  Today, we remember that Jesus' faithfulness to the Father led to his death being the passageway to life and redemption for all of us!  It is similar with our own lives.  We can all remember moments of great pain that we were forced to travel through in our lives.  Somehow, when we remained faithful, when we refused to be conquered by depression and hurt, the suffering ended up making us stronger, making us better people.  It is that mystery of pain and death transformed by the love of God that we celebrate today!

Tuesday, September 15th
Today is the Memorial of Our Lady of Sorrows.  It is fitting that this remembrance of Mary's sufferings as she walked through her life, especially the horrendous pain of watching her son suffer and die, should be celebrated the day after we remember Jesus and his transformed suffering!  Sometimes we like to think that because God loved Mary so much, he must have protected her from pain and death.  However, the opposite is true:  God loved Mary so much, that she was granted the ability to grow in her faith and in her humanness by entering into human suffering.  God's hand was with her, holding her up each step of the way, just like he does for us.  Mary is the woman of faith who did not let the feelings of abandonment that come with suffering ruin her peace and strong faith that God was always with her, supporting her and leading her.  Mary is a reminder to all of us that although we too have to walk through darkness and suffering, and even death, we need to keep reminding ourselves of God's love for us.  Our faith will carry us to a resurrection experience!  I also can't help but to think that we are all called to walk with others who are suffering, to support them and help them to cling to their faith in a loving God always with them.

Wednesday, September 16th
Today, we celebrate two men who suffered and died for their faith.  We celebrate St Cornelius (pope) and St. Cyprian (bishop).  Both of these men were put to death because their love of the church led them to stand in witness to the church against civil authorities.  Their willingness to die for the church should make us pause and think.  St Cyprian made the statement, "He cannot have God for his Father, who has not the Church for his mother."  Love for God cannot be separated from love of the3 Church that is led by His Spirit.  No, the Church is not perfect.  No organization made up of sinful humans can be perfect.  But, Cornelius and Cyprian remind us that even though that is true, God is present and guiding his church.  He gives us this great gift to guide all of us deeper and deeper into the truth.

Thursday, September 17th
In today's Gospel, we have the story of the sinful woman who comes to Jesus and lets her tears fall on his feet, and wipes them away with her hair.  The Pharisees who witnessed it say" “If this man were a prophet, he would know who and what sort of woman this is who is touching him, that she is a sinner.”  It was appalling to these holy men of Israel that anyone would be involved in the life of a sinner.  They saw contact with such a person as a being a destruction of one's holiness.  The good would" catch" the evil of the sinful one.  But, Jesus saw things differently.  When he touched such a sinner, he saw the sinner "catching" his goodness and being changed into a saint.  He never condemned sinners as such.  He always invited them to move from sin to love.  You and I, we have nothing to fear from Jesus.  Though we are always sinners, he is always there to "touch" us with his forgiveness and cleansing love!

Friday, September 18th
Today's Gospel mentions a group of women who traveled with Jesus as he moved about the Holy Land.  It further states that these women "provided for them out of their resources."  If not for these women, and their financial support, Jesus' mission and its impact on the world would have been lessened.   Jesus depended on these women to keep his mission rolling.  This is a great reminder to all of us that God has not chosen to act alone in Salvation history.  Rather, he chooses to work through the people who accompany him with financial and other resources.  We cannot be passive and figure God will provide.  God is counting on you and me to share with our parish community and with our world-wide Church.  We are partners in this project of building up the kingdom of God in our world.  We must share our gifts, whatever they may be.

Saturday, September 19th
In today's gospel, we have the parable of the sower and the seed.  Jesus' explanation of this parable speaks of differing responses to the seed of the word being tossed out by the sower.  Some grow, some don't grow.  However, I like to think of this parable in a different way.  Notice that the sower does not really care where the seed ends up.  He simply tosses the seed into the wind and lets it go where it may!  I think that is very important for us to notice!  We have been asked to sow the kingdom of God in our world.  So often, we can make judgments about where we will sow.  We will see some people as unworthy of our time and love because we don't like them.  There will be some who we see as beyond hope.  However, our job is not to decide who we will love, who we will treat with respect.  Our job is to simply throw our love out there to all we meet.  Whether or not it takes root is not our concern.  We simply are called to let our love and service land where it may.



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