The Annunciation stained glass window at St. Michael in Old Town

The Blessed Virgin is at prayer, kneeling on a Gothic prie-dieu. A bouquet of lilies is in the foreground with another being carried by the Archangel Gabriel to be presented to Mary. Lilies symbolize Mary’s purity. It is a common symbol used by artists to indicate purity.

The visitor is drawn into the scene by the elaborate details of Mary’s chamber, the costumes and the drapery. The horizontal curtain in the background is another symbol, this one for her modesty. Her bare feet signify humility since that word’s root in Latin is Humus meaning “of the earth”. The Virgin’s halo is adorned with twelve stars signifying the twelve tribes of Israel.

Gabriel delivers the message “The Holy spirit will come upon you and the power of the Most High will overshadow you”. This illustration of the Annunciation also depicts the Holy Spirit and God the Father at the top of the window.

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