Visitation to Elizabeth stained glass window at St. Michael in Old TownMary arrives at her cousin Elizabeth’s home to visit. She has come to help her cousin who is with child (John the Baptist) and Mary has just found out that she is with child. This window has many symbols that explain more of the story.

Mary is barefoot, reflecting her humility and that she is poor. Contrast this with Elizabeth’s brocade robe and red velvet wrap. Symbols often represent multiple things so when looking at Elizabeth’s sandal, it should not be interpreted that she is not humble. Franz Mayer uses the sandal symbol to represent that Elizabeth is quite old.

Zachariah’s prominence is suggested by the “costly” purple welcome mat, the substantial home and the abundant grape vines. More of the storey is shown with Zachariah in the upper room unable to speak since he did not believe Gabriel’s message to him that Elizabeth was with child.

There are some questions posed in this window. Why the donkey? Who is the man? Look at the hat.

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