Dinner Window

Dinner at the House of Matthew stained glass window at St. Michael in Old TownThis dinner certainly takes place in the home of a wealthy person, most likely a Pharisee. Observe the chandelier and other furnishings and the guests. Notice the red robe of Jesus. It looks like velvet and that it would have that kind of rich soft feel. The robe of the woman looks like a stunning brocade. The artist is able to convey all this on glass.

Again, look at the expressions. They tell the story. The Pharisees are shocked that Jesus, if he was a prophet would not know that the woman is a sinner. She has washed the feet of Jesus, dried them with her hair and is putting perfume from the alabaster jar on his feet. Why would he let her do this?

He explains a parable to them and concludes with “Her many sins have been forgiven—for she loved much. But he who has forgiven little—loves little.”

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