Ascension and Coronation of Christ stained glass window at St. Michael in Old TownThis topic uses the three windows grouped together in the center of the Holy Redeemer windows. Surrounded by seven angels Jesus ascends as the apostles and the Blessed Mother gaze Heavenward.

This is the window that points out Franz Mayer’s artistry of realism and expressionism the best. The surprise and astonishment is seen in the faces of the apostles. Elaborate Renaissance costumes and the nobility expressed on their faces add interest for the viewer. The love is shown on Mary’s face. Realism is best seen by an artist’s portrayal of hands and feet. These show all of the natural lines of a person. Mary is idealized as she is in all of the windows of Saint Michael in Old Town. It is a good contrast with Mary in this window. Jesus, also, is an idealized figure in all of the windows.

The beautiful gold pointed oval has added complexity with its faceted pieces and is truly an awesome sight, especially when the early morning light is shining through it.

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