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Who Can Be Married At St. Michael's Church?

  • One of you must be a baptised Catholic.

  • Whether Catholic or not, if you have been married previously in another religious-affilitated church or civilly you must have received an annulment prior to getting married in the Catholic Church.

  • You must be over 18 years of age.

If the above requirements have been met you are then able to reserve a wedding date at St. Michael's Church.

How Do I Reserve a Wedding Date at St. Michael's?

All weddings must be reserved through Toni Dunning in our Parish Office. To get available date and times please call her at 312-642-2498 or email her.

I Have Reserved My Wedding Date and You Have a Question ...

You have reserved your date with the Wedding Coordinator and you have received a contract  to sign and a deposit is expected within seven days but now you have more questions. Here are a few commonly asked questions:

Q. Can I bring in a family priest?
A. Yes, but it does not change our stipends. St. Michael's can provide a priest however, you are choosing not to use this service. The priest you bring in must get a Letter of Good Standing from his diocese if he resides outside of the Archdiocese of Chicago.

Q. Does my wedding have to be at noon or 3:00 as is the normal times scheduled at St. Michael's?
A. There could possibly be some flexibility but any changes must be approved by the Wedding Coordinator and the priest witnessing the wedding.

Q. Can I have my rehearsal two days prior to my wedding?
A. Any rehearsal changes from the norm must be approved by the Wedding Coordinator.

Q. Can I have my cousin, best friend, mom, etc... sing at my wedding?
A. Please see the information below for this answer.

Q. Can I request a speicfic priest at St. Michael's to witness my wedding?
A. Yes and if his schedule is open he will be assigned to your wedding.

Many more questions will pop up as you go through this period of planning so always know you are welcome and encouraged to call St. Michael's any time to get the answers you need.

Paperwork Required as Part of the Preparation Process

  • Completion of a pre-Cana class. A brochure is available at the rectory that lists the dates and places for the pre-Cana Marriage Preparation program. Registration can be accomplished by going to Pre-Cana classes are not hosted by St. Michael's and an additional stipend is required.
  • Completion of the pre-nuptial Questionaire. This establishes you desire and readiness for marriage within the Catholic Church. You will complete this questionaire with the assistance of a priest.
  • Witness Affidavits are to be completed by two people who know you well. Parents, sisters, brothers, a relative or close friends can complete these affidavits. TWO affidavits are required for both the bride and the groom. Please discuss this procedure and requirement with the priest at your first meeting.
  • Complettion of FOCCUS (Facilitating Open Couple Communication, Understanding and Study). FOCCUS serves as a way for the priest to speak with you about your relationship. Composed of a number of statements, FOCCUS looks at the level of your communication regarding marriage expectations. The priest you are working with will provide FOCCUS and help you on its findings.
  • A certificate of baptism for each of you (if you have been batized) that has been issued within the last six months. To obtain such you can either write or call the church of baptism and request the needed certificate.
  • Cook County Marriage License.

Six Months Prior to Your Wedding

Six months prior to your wedding you will want to call the Parish Office 312-642-2498 to schedule the following meetings:

  • The priest witnessing your marriage.

 Three Months Prior to Your Wedding

  •  At this time you will want to send in the final payment for your wedding if you haven't done so already.
  • You will then want to arrange to meet with one of the Music Ministers. Call Toni Dunning  (312-642-2498) to find out which minister will be playing at your wedding, to plan the music and/or the hiring of additional musicians for your ceremony or Mass. You can discuss whether you prefer a male cantor or female cantor at this time. A cantor is the person that leads the singing responses that will be part of your wedding and is required for weddings at St. Michael. Very often, couples will have someone in their circle that will offer to sing, or perhaps that you know does have a nice voice. It is usually not suggested that you vary from the hired professionals St. Michael's hires. These singers know the accoustics of the church, the speakers that are part of the sound system, the sound delay from the organ gallery, and  they are very familiar with all the songs you can choose from, and are well-versed in the order of the ceremony or mass. The best intentioned person, if not familiar with St. Michael's, can be completely confused by the above circumstances. It is your wedding, a representation of St. Michael's Church and someting we want you to seriously consider before discussing this option with the Music Ministert. Should you choose this option, there will be a $75 rehearsal stipend and there is no change in our wedding stipend as St. Michael's is willing to provide the cantor for you and you are choosing otherwise.

 Two Months Prior to Your Wedding

In final preparation for your wedding:

  • You will want to speak with the presider of your wedding to ensure he has all the paperwork necessary for your wedding.
  • You will want to verify the time of your rehearsal with the Wedding Coordinator.
  • As a couple you will want to go to the Cook County Clerk's office to get your Marriage License. To see what information is required to get this document go to Once you have gotten your license you can bring it to St. Michael's and we will file the license until the day of your wedding.

The priests and staff of St. Michael's will work to make this day a most memorable one as you commit your lives to each other in unity, in marriage. We look forward to meeting your needs and exceeding your expectations for your day.


Information at a Glance

Per the Archdiocese of Chicago's recommendations, wedding arrangements should be made a minimum of four months in advance of a wedding date.

Weddings are normally scheduled at 3:00 p.m. on Friday and at noon and 3:00 p.m. on Saturdays.

St. Michael's is a historic church holding 1300 people on the first floor. Our aisle in 125', the longest aisle in any church in Chicago.

For available dates and times, please contact Toni Dunning in the Parish Center Office at 312-642-2498 for additional information.

Wedding Stipends

The stipend of a wedding at St. Michael's includes:

  • The rental of St. Michael's Church
  • The stipend for the priest
  • The organist
  • The cantor
  • The Wedding Coordinator for the rehearsal and then the day of the wedding 

Once a date has been agreed upon a contract will be sent. Each couple has 30 days to meet with a priest to finalize the date and contract. It must be returned at this time with a $1000 depsoit. This deposit is a non-refundable deposit should you decide to cancel your wedding at St. Michael's; however, you can change dates as our calendar allows.

The total fees for a wedding at St. Michael's are as follows:

$2300 for a Ceremony or a Mass: A Ceremony includes the Nuptial Rite but does not include Holy Communion and is approximately 45 minutes in length. A Nuptial Massn is a mass including the Nuptial Rite and Holy Communion and is approximately an hour in length.

Other Options

If you would like a wedding in a smaller, more intimate space than our church we do have a our Ancilla Domini Chapel (Photo below). This sapce will hold 40 people and has a baby grand for your musical choices. The wedding schedule for the chapel is fairly flexible and date availability is more open.

The fees for a wedding in the chapel (Mass or ceremony) including the following is $1100.

  • The rental of the chapel
  • The pianist
  • The stipend for the priest
  • The cantor

The fees for a wedding in the chapel (Mass or ceremony) including the following is $775 (no music).

  • The rental of the chapel
  • The stipend for the priest
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