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How You Can Support St. Michael's

Here at St. Michael we strive to make giving convenient and stay current with modern technology choices. Below you will find options for you when you find yourself wanting to donate. If we can address your needs in another manner feel free to email with details.


Giving Electronically with Venmo

Venmo is a secure and useful service for collecting money and paying others from your computer or smartphone. It's similiar to Paypal, if you give money from your bank checking/saving account there are no service fees. If you choose to give via credit card, you will incur a 3% service fee.


From any computer

you can access our website ( and enter into our Online Giving system . It is a self-guided system and easy to use! Set up your recurring payment so you can give when you are away. You control the frequency, amount and where your donation goes. Everything is at your fingertips.

How to give with Venmo?

1. Set up an Account

Click here to signup. The page will ask you to signup with Facebook, but you can click the link on the bottom of the page to signup with your email address, it will also ask for your cell phone number. it is important to give them access to text messaging, because activating your account requires a code sent via text message to your phone number. For extra security, Venmo will also text you if any transactions have been made.

2. Give to St. Michael in Old Town

Make sure you add a bank account as this is how Venmo will draw funds. Click here for a link to assist in adding a bank account to your Venmo account.
After adding an account, to give to St. Michael in Old Town you need to add St. Michael in Old Town as a friend. On the top search bar that says "Search people or payments" type "St. Michael in Old Town" or type "StMichaelinOldTown." You should see this as the profile picture:

3. How to Pay

Next click the button on the right "Add Friend" and then click the "Pay" button, select your amount and you're done. If you wish to recieve a receipt, include your email address in the comments. Lastly, Venmo will ask you if you want to post your transactions publicly on Facebook or Twitter. You can just check or uncheck whatever you wish.

Mail your donation

of cash or checks to 1633 N Cleveland Ave., Chicago, IL 60614, or hand-delivered to the office or dropped into the Offertory box at Mass.

If you would like

to receive monthly mailing of envelopes, need more information, have questions about anything listed above, call the Parish Office at 312-642-2498.


  Giving Kiosk

Behind the last pew on the east side of the church is a kiosk designed for accepting donations to all the funds St. Michael’s has. The regular funds available are

  • Weekly Offering Fund –General Operating budget funding
  • Maintenance Fund – Restricted to maintenance and projects related to maintaining and restoring our church
  • Outreach Fund – Restricted to projects aiding those in our community in need. This could be through the several meal service locations St. Michael’s provides volunteers for, the Turkey Drive, Toy Drive, School Supply Drive or any number of projects sponsored by St. Michael’s to aid those needing assistance..
  • Other funds currently related to and active for the season. This list could include an Archdiocesan collection, St. Michael’s event donation funds, or flower funds related to the liturgical season.

To make a donation to any of the above funds you can begin the process by inserting a credit card, Discover, Visa or MC, check or cash. The kiosk system will then guide you through the process of donating and will allow you to choose the fund you wish to donate to. If you don’t designate a fund the donation is credited to the Weekly Offering Fund.
Our kiosk is linked directly to our website which is “live” on the screen when you look at it. From the St. Michael’s home page you can view our website for information, click on any link on our site, and gain access to our Online Giving system by clicking the Online Giving logo on the front page, bottom right corner. Once in the Online Giving system you can sign in with your user name and password, create a username and password, or just choose “Quick Give” and no login is required. No matter your selection, the system will guide you through the process with the ease and simplicity.  

Programs Where St. Michael's Benefits

Log onto and select St Michaels Church! A portion of your purchase comes back to St. Michael's!


Purchase a paver!

A permanent reminder of a baptism, wedding, or anniversary!

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Online Giving

If you would like to donate now with our Online Giving system please enter here.


Stock Donations

If you are interested in donating stock to St. Michael's you must go through the Archdiocese of Chicago, Parish Operations department. They will accept the stock donation, sell the stock and forward the proceeds to St. Michael in Old Town or the location or fund you designate on your Letter of Intent. If you are interested in more information on this process please enter here.

Online Giving

Online Giving

Secure and Convenient Donate now!