David Ramsey's Financial Peace Class


If I could show you a class that has proven itself to be effective for literally anyone who would put it into practice, would you be willing to invest the time to take that class?  Especially if you knew that applying the practical Biblical principles taught in this class could potentially change the financial status of your family and your children’s families forever.  I have already discovered that.

Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace Class will do that if applied.  The average family who goes through and applies the Biblical principles that are taught will pay off an average of $5700 of indebtedness and save $2300 during the 9 week period of the class.  That is an $8000 turn around.  That would feel pretty good!

Financial Peace is a 9 week DVD driven teaching series.  It meets one night a week, for 9 weeks, for an hour and a half.  The first class starts Thursday Feb 1st 630-8p at St. Michael’s in Old Town - Parish Center. 1633 N Cleveland Ave, Chicago. The first hour is spent watching the DVD and filling in blanks in your workbook.  The second half is a group discussion time led by a facilitator who is a learner along with the group.  Not necessarily an expert!  You do not have to disclose any information if you don't want to.  Each family unit purchases their own lifetime membership kit.


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For questions please contact Krysten McOsker at 202-375-9393, or at krystenmcosker@gmail.com

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