The High Altar of Angels

Walking into Saint Michael in Old Town, the visitor is immediately attracted to the High Altar of Angels, as they walk down the aisle. This ornate carved wood, painted altar is the centerpiece of the church.

A special foundation was necessary to support this 56’ high altar. The focal point is Saint Michael at the very top, flanked by the archangels Gabriel and Raphael. The scene shows Michael casting Lucifer from heaven.Statue - St. Michael casts Lucifer out of Heaven

As you move down the altar from the top, you view many different angels including angels holding symbols of the crucifixion. Even the nine choirs of angels are represented.

Two life size heroic figures retained from the previous altar are inserted into niches of this new altar. Identification is made by the attributes they are holding. Saint Peter is holding a key and Saint Paul is holding a sword.

A little lower in the altar, there are four smaller statues. They can also be identified by their attributes; Matthew (Winged Man), Luke (Winged Ram), Mark (Winged Lion) and John (Eagle) from left to right. These statues had been in the nave of the church previous to the installation of this altar and were brought up and put into the new formed niches.

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